The Liberian Professional Networking Directory Expands By Creating A Global Online Directory And Resource Guide

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Atlanta, Georgia
July 2, 2007

ATLANTA The Liberian Professional Networking Directory is creating an online edition

and expanding its database to include other professionals and investors who are interested in doing business in Liberia . This initiative will be led by T. Nelson Williams, II, President and a team of professionals residing in and out of the United States .


The first edition of the directory was published in 2006 listing over 600 professionals and businesses.  Liberian professionals and friends of Liberia were able to connect with each other around the world. Employment opportunities and resources were created.  Friends of Liberia and investors used this tool to obtain information on Liberian professionals.  Non-Governmental Organizations used the directory to contact special talents and the Liberian Embassy in Washington , DC obtained a copy for the library.


As a spin off to the Liberian Professional Networking Directory, The Global Professional Networking Directory (GPND) will be launched in June, 2007 and will serve as a global resource directory supporting professionals and business owners in a global environment. The 2nd edition of the Liberian Professional Networking Directory will be placed online in September, 2007.


Napoleon Outland, a project executive at IBM Corporation, will spearhead GPND’s  transition to the  internet and handle other technology initiatives. When asked about Mr. Outland’s affiliation with GPND, Williams stated,  “We are elated to have Mr. Outland on our team. He brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in his profession.”


The online edition will be manifested via a web site powered by INTEGRATE7, an Atlanta-based information technology company.  This partnership will enable GPND to focus on its core business.


An International Advisory Council has been established to give oversight to the GPND/LPND leadership.  The listed council members have committed to serving a one-year renewable term.



Dr. Appianda Arthur                                                     Myrna Clemmons

President, Global Leaders Initiative                                 South East Regional Director

Former Member of Parliament , Ghana                              CoWorx Staffing Services, LLC

GHANA                                                                              PUERTO RICO


Wilmot J. Collins                                                            Austin R. Cooper, Jr.

Human Resources Specialist                                            Vice President, Government Affairs

Department of Veteran Affairs                                          GoodWorks International, LLC

LIBERIA                                                                                    UNITED STATES






Dr. D. Elwood Dunn                                                              Mohamed Elsawah

Professor of Political Sc., Univ. of the South                  International Business Man

Former Minister for Presidential Affairs, Liberia            Global Investment Group

LIBERIA                                                                            EGYPT


Rev. William B. K. Harris                                                 Yvette Jarvis

Senior Pastor & Founder                                                       Advisor to the Mayor on Immigration, Athens

International Christian Fellowship                                      Former City Council Woman, Athens

LIBERIA                                                                            GREECE


Romeo Massoud, MD                                                           Dr. Randolph   McClain

Trauma & General Surgeon                                             Commercial Growth Leader & Marketing Manager

Gwinnett Health Systems                                                 DAK Americas

LIBERIA                                                                             LIBERIA


Hon. Charles A. Minor                                                 Cynthia Nash                                                                  

Liberian Ambassador Extraordinary and                         Former Director, Government & External Affairs                       

Plenipotentiary to the United States                                  Atlanta Housing Authority

LIBERIA                                                                           UNITED STATES                                              


Tom J. Okeyo                                                                  Dr. Emmanuel O. Ortsejafor

President, Business Development Partners                       Director of International Affairs

BDP Worldwide                                                                 North Carolina Central University

KENYA                                                                                NIGERIA


Williametta E. Saydee                                                     Rev. Woodrow Walker, II

Extended Support Services Coordinator                           Senior Pastor & Founder

Minnesota Council of Churches                                          Abundant Life Church

LIBERIA                                                                                     UNITED STATES


Everett Ward                                                                          Soni Karnga Williams, Esq.

Southern Region Representative to the                             Attorney-at-Law

Democratic National Committee                                       Law Office of Soni K. Williams

UNITED STATES                                                                       LIBERIA



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