TPS Liberians Behind Alleged Coup Plot?


A Letter From Jerome Pajibo

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
July 28, 2007


Dear Editor:

As the nation (Liberia) celebrates her 160th birth anniversary, once again, the nation and its people have again been placed on nearly some of the major international news organs. Even the VOA news ran the story. This time around, it has to do with a purported coup attempt. It has been reported in Monrovia by the National Security Agency with some backing of a video clip of some subversive acts being plan. This video tape was shown to some media institutions.

Howbeit, It has also been reported that these evil(s) plans were being planned in the Ivorian city of Guiglo near Liberian border. While it true that the Ivorian Government might be innocent to the deeds of these people, it has been reported by Liberian Government that some top-brass of AFL were implicated in this latest scenario. This coup saga has also trickled some public debate as to the authentic nature of this case. Reason for others is that; names emulating from this scenario, appears to be those who on the other hand were bitter to this current leadership.

The other aspect of the worries has to do with the names and groups that are funding this operation. It has been reported in Monrovia that the alleged coup plotters received the initial amount of 5,000.00. The nation Liberia is on record to been thrown in crisis just about this time of the year. I mean when ever the Liberians in the states are threatened with mass deportation as a result of TPS-termination.

I want to congratulate the security forces who move swiftly to intercept this demonic plan. As we approach October 1, 2007, I want to admonish the (NSA) to extend her covert operation mission even into the USA too. You and I know how desperate those in the USA, I mean the TPS beneficiaries support to these kind of news as it relates to their wellbeing. Do you know that TPS beneficiaries recent time associate themselves with similar operations in the past in exchange of their status-quo extension? Do you know the history of Liberia WAR-I, War-2 and War-3 that was prosecuted by LURD?

The Ellen administration should remain vigilant up to October 1, 2007 deadline given by the United States Department of Home Land Security for the deportation of Liberian there. Some of our brothers and sisters are on record to support instability in exchange of TPS extension. I might be wrong in my opinion, but I think there is some linkage. Again, I say BRAVO to the NSA and keep shining your eyes on TPS beneficiaries


Jerome Pajibo

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