The Death Of Madam Angie Brooks Randolph

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
Sept 11, 2007


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is particularly saddened over the death of Madam Angie Brooks Randolph, Liberia’s first Associate Justice, and the first female President of the 24th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Angie Brooks Randolph was a true trail blazer and a continental pace setter, a woman of great substance, whose unmatched characteristics, and sterling qualities illuminated Liberia’s image on the international stage through the able representation of the country at the highest international stage, the United Nations, where she chaired with distinction in several capacities in the World Body in the 50s and 60s.

Liberia has indeed lost a woman of unprecedented courage and determination, whose unwavering commitment to excellence in education propelled her to the highest level of service.

The President is pained at this time over the demise at this great woman of international renown, noting that efforts to bring her home this year could not materialize due to her health condition.

The President is nevertheless consoled over the fact she personally conferred on the late Angie Brooks Randolph one of the nation’s highest honors when she was in New York home last year.

The President joins women in Liberia and worldwide in extending sincere and heartfelt condolences to members of the bereaved family and expresses the hope that the passing of undoubtedly this most distinguished trail blazer on the African and World scene will not only be recorded in the history books, but her memory immortalized by the works that other women do to promote gender equality and international peace.

Source: The Liberian Government
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