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A Letter From Moon Takeyon

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
November 28, 2007


Dear Editor;

I have been reviewing this site for well over a year now and I must say I expected more from a site that is supposed to be representing a country better yet your country in a better way. Your site strives to do nothing but demoralize Liberians and cause disruption and chaos to an already fragile rebuilding process.

I have not read anything but criticism of the current President Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf which has been detrimental to the unity and peacefulness of that beautiful country.

Listen, I am not Liberian but my wife is and it saddens us that she can not even visit her country yet because of individuals like you trying to destabilize the country and send it plummeting back into the Charles Taylor days.

Is this what's wrong with Africa, it's sad that African's can look at African-Americans or Blacks as you consider us and judge us about how we are not a unified people. When in Liberia where the majority of you are Liberians, people like yourself can not give a person a chance to try and change things for the better before their efforts are undermined and portrayed as them just being selfish.

I mean the ink isn't even dry on her name as president yet. Is she starting any war? Is she causing the people of Liberia to suffer because she is corrupt? Is she only concerned about her well-being? The answers to all of those is NO, she is simply trying to restore a country that was beautiful and joyful before all of the horrible atrocities happened.

I urge you to be a part of the solution and not the problem....

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