A Rejoinder to “Does The President of Liberia Have a Right to appoint Mayors of Cities Within the Republic”

By Samuel H Perkins

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
December 3, 2007


Let put this issue of the president appointing Majors and also Superintendents in prospective. As far as I can remember, that is how it was always done. Now people have a problem with appointments of Majors and Superintendents by the president.

If Mr. P. Koryeyon Deah had a problem with said appointments, why he did not put fort a constitutional amendment to correct the undemocratic system of filling said offices while in The House of Representative? It is easier to criticize from the side line; he should have done something while in the position to do so. Speaking now, you sir, sound like sour grapes.

You also suggested that, “in our judgment, it should be the right of the executive branch of government to seek legislative enactments amending the relevant statutes, thereby rendering constitutional any subsequent executive action”. The president does not have to do anything; it is to the president’s advantage to keep the status-quo. You mention, “In our judgment,” who is the our that you are referring to? I thought you were addressing the issue as an individual.

You also mentioned that, “circumstances cannot permit the conduct of municipal elections”. There is no excuse for bypassing democracy. In a democracy, the constitution is not always clear; that is the reason why you have the courts and the act of an amendment.

You dropped the ball Mr. Deah when you had the opportunity to do so; now to make this a political issue is a waste of time and space. Lobby your legislators to amend the constitution so that the problem can be fix. Problem that you ignored while in office. The country has to move on.

Since you mentioned President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in your article, I will like to say that in my opinion, she is doing a darn good job. She had done more for the Republic of Liberia in the short time that she had been in office than the whole history of Liberia. Let a real patriot doubt what I said. Today we have a free and Democratic Liberia. Liberia is as free as ever.

In closing, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Free Press of Liberia will defeat corruption.

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