Celebration poorly attended as legislators expose Superintendent's financial budget

By Mr. Martin Nyeka
Maryland County Information Officer

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
December 8, 2007


As citizens and residence of Maryland County were gearing up to celebrate the so called Maryland re-union activities on November 29, Superintendent Sie Teba Neufville got a slap in the face from the Maryland Legislative caucus. The Legislative caucus, headed by Senator Gloria Musu Scott, arrived in the County a few days before the celebrations.

The Caucus Secretary General and Chairman on the Budget and expenditure in the House of Representatives, Honorable James Biney, told residence and citizens of the County that the Superintendent of Maryland County should have no reason to beg for support for his offices. Honorable Biney told the citizens and residence that the Maryland Legislative Caucus has placed in the National Budget the amount of US$87,000.00 for the smooth operations of the Superintendent office for 2006 – 2007.

He said that amount has been expended and is at a zero balance. Representative Biney also disclosed that an additional US$366,000.00 have been allocated for development purposes for 2007 – 2008 but the Superintendent will not be allowed to sign for it until he can give account of the first US$166,000.00 that was allocated for development purposes for the year 2006 –2007 according to a consensus that was reached by the Caucus.

The revelation by the Caucus about the budget has taken the citizens and residence by surprise because this was the first time that they got to know that the Superintendent has such an amount for the smooth operations of his offices. Most of the Citizens and residents wondered why the Superintendent has no generator that cost about US$250.00 to electrify his offices for the use of his computers and air-condition. Some said that it is left with the Superintendent on how he wants to use his office US$87,000.00 but he should be audited on how he expended the development funds. None of the development projects have been completed.

The allegation of corrupt practices levied against the Superintendent affected the Tubman Birthday re-union program. All of the invitees from Monrovia did not arrive in the County. The four sets of Grebo band in the County did not turn out to grace the occasion. Most of the Chiefs and Elders boycotted the program. Senator Gloria Musu Scott celebrated the day in Karluway district while Representative Bhofal Chamber celebrated his in Pleebo. The Superintendent has yet to comment on all of the allegations but insist that the development projects in the County will be completed by the end of December.

While the celebrations was going on, Chief Jarbo Russell led some Chiefs and elders to Monrovia to petition the President to dismiss the Superintendent because according to Chief Russell they will not work with him.

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