President Sirleaf Makes New Appointments

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Atlanta, Georgia
February 8, 2009


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made several appointments in Government, subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate, where applicable.

Those appointed are: Madam Mary Broh, Mayor-Monrovia City Corporation; and Madam Laetitia Reeves, Mayor-Paynesville City Corporation.

Appointments have also been made at the Ministry of National Defense. Mr. Robert E. Cooper becomes the Assistant Minister for Plans, Policy & Operations while Mrs. Olga R.C.Jallah has been named Assistant Minister for Personnel Administration & Resource Management.

According to an Executive Mansion release, the President has also effected changes at the Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy. Mr. Carlton Miller has been appointed Assistant Minister for Mineral Exploration & Research; Mr. Walter McCarthy, Assistant Minister for Mines; and Mr. James Zawolo, Assistant Minister for Energy.

Madam Florence Dukuly goes to Ministry of Internal Affairs as Assistant Minister for Administration while Mr. Ekeema A. Witherspoon becomes Assistant Minister for Technical Services also at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Mr. Henry B. Yonton, Assistant Minister for Administration, Ministry of Planning & Economic Affairs.

President Johnson Sirleaf has also appointed Mr. Kedrick Johnson as Assistant Managing Director for Administration & Finance at the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) and Mr. Joseph Barkolleh Quelleh, District Commissioner-Zorzor District, Lofa County.

In a related development, Dr. Ivan F. Camanor has been named by the President to head the National AIDS Commission Secretariat.

Meanwhile, the President has constituted a Special Presidential Task Force on Greater Monrovia Cleaning & Urban Renewal. An Advisory Board on Inter-Ministerial Zoning Committee includes, the Minister of Public Works, Chairman; and Minister of Internal Affairs, Co-Chair. Members on the Advisory Board on Inter-Ministerial Zoning are the Ministers of Planning & Economic Affairs; Lands, Mines & Energy; Justice; as well as Information.

The Special Presidential Task Force on Greater Monrovia Cleaning & Urban Renewal is also made up of a Task Force-Technical Team to be headed by Mr. Daniel G. Johnson as Chairman. Its membership includes the Ministries of Public Works, Lands, Mines & Energy; as well as Health & Social Welfare. The Task Force-Technical Team also includes members of the Lebanese, Indian, and Fula Communities, as well as Mayors, Commissioners, and Governors within the Greater Monrovia Area, the Liberia Marketing Association and the General Services Agency.

Source: The Liberian Government

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