Student Group, Civil Society Bestow Honor on Auditor General Morlu

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February 12, 2009


One of the oldest student political parties on the campus of Liberia’s highest institution of learning, the University of Liberia(UL), the vanguard Student Unification Party(SUP), and a civil society organization, Society for the Promotion of Peace(SPNRL) Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at separate venues conferred honor on the Auditor General (AG)of Liberia, John S. Morlu II for what they called his delegated and valuable services to Liberia through the conduct of quality audits of government ministries, agencies and public corporations.

On the main Campus of the University of Liberia, the Chairman of what is believed to be Liberia’s most popular student political party, Malayah Tamba Chieyoe in a special remark before the presentation said the decision to honor AG Morlu was based on his relentless commitment and passion to fight waste, fraud, abuse and fiscal improprieties for the good of the Liberian people.

“Our decision to honor the Auditor General John Morlu represents the decision of cross-section of the students of the University of Liberia”, Chieyoe maintained.

He averred that AG Morlu immense contributions to the nation in exposing corruption cannot go unnoticed since corruption is a major menace to Liberia’s growth and development.

The Auditor General has never attended the University of Liberia neither has he been a partisan of SUP but Chieyoe noted that the party’s choice was done beyond partisan line and represents total manifestation of objectivity of the worthwhile role the honoree Morlu is performing in protecting public monies for the good of the public.

“We have no regret of our decision to honor Auditor General Morlu because he deserves this honor”, Chieyoe asserted.

For his part, the proxy for the Auditor General, George Nubo, Chief Operations Officer at the GAC expressed heartfelt compliments to the leadership of SUP for bestowing such honor on the Auditor General.

The Auditor General, he said was very much impressed about such honor and that he would have wholeheartedly loved to attend such remarkable occasion but is concluding reading and analyzing set of audit reports to be released very soon.

Nubo reaffirmed the Auditor General ‘s commitment in ensuring valuable and efficient system control at government ministries, agencies and public corporations so as to appropriately safeguard public monies by those entrusted in public offices.

Nubo, who may be in his early fifties expressed regret during his tender youthful age considering the fact that there was no one the youth of his time could take for as role model.

Nubo: I regret that during the youthful period of my generation, we never had a youthful person like John Morlu to take as model, but the young generation of your time has a model like Morlu to emulate.

Morlu was honor along with His Grace Archbishop Michael Kpala Francis, Cllr. Alfred Brownell, Assistant Professor and Dean of Teacher College, Euphemia K. Abdullai, Dr. Louis Marpleh Kporto Ministry of Health and Samuel Kofi Woods ,Minister of Labor.

Some of the honorees excluding Auditor General John Morlu are veterans of the Student Unification Party (SUP).

Labour Minister Samuel Kofi Woods, once served as head of the University of Liberia based student political party while Cllr. Alfred Brownell is a veteran of SUP.

In another development, while the Auditor General was being honored at the University of Liberia, a civil society organization, Society for the Promotion of Peace (SPNRL) was carrying out similar program at the General Auditing Commission (GAC).

The Civil Society group said it was honoring Liberia’s Auditor General John Morlu, II for what it called his invaluable services in making sure there exists transparency and accountability in Liberia.

J. Mayfield Copson, National Chairman of the group said the honor bestowed on the Auditor General is a consequence of his quest to protect the ordinary Liberians through his efforts to make sure that public money is spent for the public good.

“We have come here today to honor somebody who deserves honor. Audit has been something that has not been heard of in Liberia and Mr. Morlu, coming to the limelight at the General Auditing Commission has significantly changed things.We have watched his activities since he came to the GAC. He has made Liberians to know that auditing is important”, the head of the civil society group asserted.

According to him, Mr. Morlu has braved the storm to make auditing known in Liberia, a situation he said is making public officials who believe in using public resources for their own well being to feel insecure.

“We want to thank Mr. Molu for his efforts in raiding our country of corruption and we want you the GAC to be independent, although you are government institution but we want for you to be independent to do your work without fear. We want you to unveil any corrupt activity at ministries and agencies”, Copson encouraged the GAC.

The civil organization asserted that said following a review of happenings in Liberia, AG Morlu has been unanimously selected as auditor of the year 2008.

Receiving the certificate of award on behalf of the Auditor General, Director of Governmental Affairs Augustus S. James expressed that the GAC family was gratified to receive such honor from a civil society organization.

“I think this honor is not just for John Morlu, it goes beyond even that to generations unborn will live to see the good work of Mr. Morlu will live after us. This is an institution that is here to fight fraud, waste and abuse. Our mission here is to ensure transparency, accountability and fiscal integrity of this country. Our people resources should be used for the intended purpose, which is development. So, Morlu being a Messiah in this endeavor, it is an honor to receive this honor”, the head of Governmental Affairs at the GAC expressed.

The Society for the Promotion of Peace is a pro democracy organization that works in peace building, human rights advocacy, good governance and rule of law, water and sanitation, HIV/AIDS awareness and sensitizing against gender Based Violence (GBV).

The honor by the civil society organization is one of several honors bestowed on the Auditor General in recent time.



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