Grand Breaking for the Construction of a Rubber Processing Plant for the Cavalla Rubber Corporation

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March 30, 2009


President Sirleaf Meets Elders and Chiefs of Maryland County Upon Arrival In Harper at the Harper Airport
For Grand Breaking for the construction of a rubber processing plant for the Cavalla Rubber Corporation (CRC) has taken place in Gedetarbo, Pleebo District in Maryland County.

Performing the ceremony Thursday in Pleebo, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, called on workers to cooperate with the management of the plantation for the mutual benefit of all parties. According to an Executive Mansion release, the President welcomed the steady progress announced by the company in the provision of social and other benefits for the workers and hoped the company will uphold its promise for better housing facilities for the workers. The plan, the Liberian leader said, is in line with Government's efforts to improve the welfare and living condition of the country’s workers.

In a welcome statement, the Managing Director of Cavalla Rubber Corporation, Mr. Jean de Failly informed the Liberian leader that the company has designed a rehabilitation program, with the aim of restoring the plantation to the high standard it had reached in the eighties.

Among other developments at Cavalla, he said, his corporation has rehabilitated 50-kilometers of public road from Harper to Pleebo and rebuilt the outpatient clinic, which is expected to be opened soon. The Cavalla Rubber Corporation Managing Director also disclosed that 32 new wells have been opened, while an elementary school for children in the area has been rebuilt and ready for the new academy year. Mr. Failly also boasted of the successful negotiation of a Collective Bargaining Agreement between management and workers of the plantations; the first for Cavalla.

The shareholders and management, he said, are delighted over the completion of the emergency phase and are now ready to embark upon the real and full reconstruction of Cavalla and the rubber industry in Maryland County. He described groundbreaking for the new rubber processing factoring as an exercise which brings added value to the industry through the creation of more jobs.

At today’s ceremony, the Liberian President also joined the Managing Director of Cavalla in a tree planting ceremony. Failly, described the exercise as the start of the planting of million more trees, beginning next month and for years to come, “guaranteeing the future life of the plantation and securing employment for our many dedicated works.” He disclosed that the company will start with 3-thousand acres of extension in the north of the plantation, as the beginning of an ambitious planting program. Stakeholders of Cavalla, the Rubber plantation official also disclosed have begun approaching international financing institutions, to launch an extensive program for replanting the entire small holder sector of Maryland, and if possible, extend it to neighboring countries.

The Liberian President praised the initiatives by the company and pledged Government’s support in enhancing the revival of the Cavalla Rubber Corporation.

Thursday’s occasion was witnessed by officials of Maryland county, Internal Affairs Minister, Ambulai Johnson, Information Minister, Dr. Laurence Bropleh, as well as elders of the county, and the county groups.

Source: The Liberian Government

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