Exposing The Auditor, Professor And Consultant That Exists Only in Liberia

By Alfonso B. Nyepan

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
April 10, 2009


In addition to Ernest Young’s renunciation of the snake oil salesman, “Auditor Sunny Nyemah”, let it be known also that Mr. Sunny Nyemah was never an auditor anywhere in the United States. He may be one of the many con academics that our country has been unfortunate to have as a consequence of our long-running fratricidal war.

Mr. Nyemah will tell those who are less familiar with him, his antic and his duplicitous character that he was an auditor in Minnesota, working for Mystic Lake, a Casino Company on the Indian reservation. The truth is between 2001 and 2003, Mr. Nyemah worked as overnight cash registrar with an oversight function of tallying electronic tape registers with physical deposits. If such a function can make anyone an international auditor, I am yet to know the functions of an International Auditor.

I learned Sunny also claims that he was an Adjunct Professor at Metropolitan State University in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. That claim is also a clear fabrication and can only pass the test of incredulous individuals who do not know the brother! The truth is he had wanted to enroll into the MBA program at either University of Minnesota or the University of Saint Thomas. But the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) tamed his ambition. He tried taking the test several times but was unsuccessful.

Consequently, he settled on an easy admission to Metropolitan State University in the Twin Cities, Minnesota for a program that had no GMAT score as a requirement—Management Information Systems. The Management Systems Information program at Metro State has less than sixteen months duration. And Sunny quickly traversed it because it is superbly non-competitive like the MBA program. So having graduated with a dead ended degree, Sunny sought jobs with Primerica and SLG lending firms as a discount sales person, using Liberian-immigrants in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and Saint Paul) as his inventories and his victims as well.

In 2006, Primerica cast off Mr. Nyemah from all its affiliates for acts and practices grossly inconsistent with best practices, leaving Mr. Nyemah with the SLG sales discount job. While at SLG lending, he went back to his alma mater Metro State University to help professors in the Management department with correcting papers and tutoring beginning courses, an equivalent of a graduate assistant. If such a function at a university level can suffice for a university professor, then I am yet to know the actual function and definition of a professor in academia. But Mr. Sunny Nyemah says he is one perhaps by self creation.

The SLG sales discount job Mr. Nyemah did as loan negotiator brought added financial havoc and misery to his fellow Liberians as they were lured into home mortgages that did not fit their income measures. Mr. Nyemah and some of his Liberian accomplices at SLG prepared fake documents to elevate status of nursing assistants to positions of nurses, claiming that these people earned $30.00 per hour as opposed to $11.00 per hour enabling them to gain qualification for loans amounting to say $300,000.00. Today, many of Sunny’s victims are in dire financial state, facing the agony of foreclosures and many have gone through it already.

But what was all this about? It was about getting the sales commissions and not about who got help in the process. Each loan Mr. Nyemah processed enable him earned a commission of $12, 000 on a non-veritable loan (fixed), and a $15,000 on veritable loan popularly known as sub-prime loan.

It is unfortunate that some of our fellow Liberians in the Twin Cities were lured into this self-conceited wealth building fantasy of Mr. Nyemah. Having acquired more funds on the back of his fellow Liberians through his hypnotic scheme, Sunny took a home mortgage worth 1.2 Million dollar in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. That property acquisition became a magnet to further entice more Liberians in the Twin Cities.

In late 2007 when Richard Tolbert and his team of harebrained investors visited the Twin Cities to launch a utopian dream of providing potential Liberian entrepreneurs million of dollars for venture capital entrepreneurships, Sunny Nyemah’s Million Dollar home in Eden Prairie became the launching pad for that idle fantasy. Sunny himself flaunted with his ill-gotten home and cars to prove his affluence status for such project.

Then the housing babble hurriedly came in the United States in mid of 2008. The flaunted affluence and idle fantasy was all gone for Mr. Nyemah and his accomplices. Mr. Nyemah’s SLG loan processing firm became one of several targets for FBI investigations. And invariably Sunny himself got a hit letter from Federal investigators for his role in the SLG lending frauds.

Cognizant of the excruciating wrath of U. S. federal investigators, hours after receiving FBI subpoena, Mr. Nyemah quickly absconded his mansion in Eden Prairie and headed for Liberia. The Liberian “business tycoon” left his business partners and customers without a word except for news that he was now “a professor” at the nation brain-drained university—the University of Liberia. His quick disappearance under the shadows of dark took everyone a spasm of shocks.

Today, Mr. Nyemah may never dream of coming back to the United States unless he became a different Sunny Nyemah with physical alterations. What is disheartening is that his young family he left behind had to face the mess he left: cars and home confiscated, accounts frozen and a lien placed on everything of his and his spouse, thus leaving the spouse to scuttle with relatives in the suburbs of New York.

One would wonder: what is it about unearthing the personal dossier of this young man? Well, as the saying goes when in a glass house, one does not dare throw a stone! Sunny is one of the bravest, yet careless men I know; he knows himself to be a fugitive, eluding justice in the United States, why would be at the center of a fight at home that he has no business being in it, especially a fight that is about lifting Liberians out the spiral of an age old corrupt tentacles. These audits Sunny now criticizes are completed by seasoned auditors with years of experience with international institutions, but Sunny is succeeding in part because Liberians love to see such drama unfolding.

Sunny is completely cash-trapped, and now stops with Alex Cuffy which apparent condition I pity for a man who until recently was living in an ill-gotten paradise. However, what is disheartening is that Sunny is in the business of discrediting audit reports that incriminate corrupt officials using his adulterated education of feign. He goes about his usual con artist spree of seeking funds to turn reports around.

I thought he is back in business as usual similar to the one he led in Minnesota. I can not allow Liberians at home to be victims of this man; the ones in Minnesota are enough to send a message.

I wish my country-Liberia-would establish an agency to investigate the backgrounds of Liberians who make entry into its borders from abroad. It probably would disrupt the cabals of the likes of Sunny long before they begin. Lord saves our Liberia!

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